How can a person learn how to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle if they’ve never been taught how to and don’t want to learn how to break it?

I know that’s an oddly worded question, but this has always left me mind boggled. We receive on the job training and continuing education for jobs we’ve been working for decades, but always avoid budgeting, investing, and life insurance discussions… Aren’t we all effected (don’t know if I used the right effect or affect, but oh well) by money? Wouldn’t it make sense that no matter how much knowledge we have in that field that we’re always looking to gain more?

That would only make sense.. Right?

Unfortunately a lot of us don’t look at it this way. Instead, we continue to make the traditional excuses of I don’t have money to invest, I don’t have money to budget on, or I don’t have money for life insurance. Is that really the truth though…

Reality is that most of us don’t want to prioritize investing and life insurance into our lives. We’d rather put it in the back of our minds and get that new iPhone or Apple watch than to spend $40 on an insurance policy to make sure our kids receive an ok inheritance. We also don’t want to spend the time researching budgets and creating one that works for our financial picture. It’s just not fun enough. It’s boring, lack luster, takes too long for tangible results and too selfless for a lot of us.

I personally don’t see it that way though. To me it only makes sense to leave my family as much money as possible, to invest my $5 so it can turn into $10, to build that business so hopefully my kid can turn it into Walmart and to buy that home instead of renting it so I can or my heirs can make a nice profit off the sale or rental of it.

So it’s really up to you.

Are you going to normalize the paycheck to paycheck grind?

Or are you going to learn how to break the cycle?

This is my face after sprinting down the parking lot like a crazy man, stopping and just saying fuck it, realizing the train is still there so I’m fumbling to feed the meter, realizing the train is still there 2 minutes later and realizing there’s a chance. Once I realized there’s a true chance if I can get there within a minute I then was faced with the dreaded stairs!!!

Now mind you, I’m a former pitcher so I’m use to running long distances and going through different athletic obstacles. Ok ok ok, I was… 7 yrs ago…. But this obstacle course, this one was a big one!! I had 30 seconds to run down 3 flights of stairs, sprint another 10 yards, then run up another 3 flights of stairs….

Yeah, I definitely had the fuck it idea in the front and present portion of my mind… But that will to succeed just wouldn’t give up!! So even though the odds were highly stacked against me… I said fuck it and jumped into action!!! 2 steps in I was ready to pull up lame, but I pushed through!! I was sure the train would be gone as I got down the first flight! I listened to hear the rings, nothing. So I kicked it into high gear! I maybe was running a good… 3 maybe 4 miles per hour!! I had the jets on bro!

As I’m reaching the first step of the flight up, the prayers started to come on strong! Hit that second flight and the fear of missing the train had settled into a king size pillow top bed with a goose down comforter in the middle of winter! As I hit the last step…. I see it!! The train is still there!

But the conductor is walking in for the train to take off so I must act fast!! So I conjured up the loudest wait I’ve ever yelled in my entire life!! As I’m sprinting, more like a fast walk, to get prepared to jump on the back of the train, the conductor stopped and looked back! Now I don’t know how you would feel, but this is the first time this 6″5″ 260 frame has ever received a huge smile while running full speed at a middle aged man!

So needless to say, I made the train…

The extends we’ll go to in catch a White Sox vs Cubs day pregame party. Maybe I need to rethink my priorities in life..

Thanks Jeremiah the Metra conductor for making sure no man is left behind!

Do you think the store manager is wrong or not?

All I know is he got that ass beat like the little boy in Friday did when Craig and Smokey caught that ass! πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😭😭😭

All to often we only focus on working for someone else and just being happy with a paycheck they deem we deserve. Then we turn around and complain about everything from the work conditions to that annoying coworker who seems to get all the praise and do none of the work. We work long hours, miss out on family and friends, and never get paid what we deserve!

I say to he$& with that! Yes, I avoided cursing because my wife told me I have to keep it PG…. Lets move on shall we?

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