Financial Security Classes

The goal of these classes is to teach you how to become financially secure, get out of debt, build your credit, and build your wealth. You’ll also be learning how to build generational wealth that’ll change your financial legacy for generations to come. The program will consist of 4 classes over a 4-week period.

Financial Seminar: I’ll be providing an overview of the Financial Security Classes during the financial seminar along with signing people up for the classes. I’ll also be discussing the importance of financial literacy, building an inheritance, contributing to your retirement, and life insurance. After the speech, we’ll have a Q and A session for anyone that has questions about the program.

1) Building the Budget: Giving the fundamental information needed to build an effective budget. Discuss the role that patience plays in becoming financially secure.

2) Constructing the Budget: Forming your budget according to your wants and needs. Discussing the difference between wants and needs along with how choosing your purchases wisely will make you financially secure.

3) Mental Approach to Budgeting: Discussing the importance of having the proper mental approach to make your financial plan and budget successful.

4) Debt Relief and Credit Building: Creating a plan to help you pay off your debt and improve your credit. Discussing the components of your credit score. Discussing how to stay out of debt and to maintain a good credit score.

You can reach us at to schedule financial security classes for your group today.